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Happy Cookies?

(Finnish version of fortune cookies)

A fortune cookie is a crisp and sugary cookie with a piece of paper inside, a "fortune", which has a prediction or motto written on it. Fortune cookies are frequently seen in American movies for being served in Chinese restaurants as a dessert. According to researchers, fortune cookies were created in Japan. In China, however, fortune cookies are almost unknown.


We would like to bring something new and communal to the Finnish coffee table, with or without coffee, alone or together. In the first version of our product, the fortune cookie will contain Finnish wisdom also translated into English so non-Finns can “take a bite” of a Finnish thought. Our product family will grow with different themes in the future.

Anna Uusiheimala / Fortune Cookie Ltd


Happy Cookies /fortune cookies stand for excellent flavour and elegant design. One of the secrets to how we achieve this is our well-balanced and perfectly coordinated recipe, which uses only the finest ingredients.
Wherever possible, we use colouring foodstuffs. Beyond that, we place a high value on making sure that the type and dosage of natural colours are in line with legal standards. In this way, we always offer our customers both a healthy and marketable product.


Lactose-free, vegan
Shelf life: 7 months

Throughout the ages there have been amulets of happiness, predictions, horoscopes, tin
divination, aphorisms, etc. Fortunately, the int. Fortune cookies have been very popular around the world. My mission is to get this product into Finnish coffee culture.

Anna Uusiheimala,

Fortune cookie Ltd - Happy Cookies

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